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My art

2011-06-16 06:47:52 by Rodziewicz

Just to inform all. Most of my work is made with pencil, ink or occasionally ball-pen. I rather not use colours, except some small comic-like drawings, though theyre poorly made with markers and take no more than 10 minutes to make so please keep it in mind when rating something :D

My art


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2011-06-16 19:52:24

I'm going to say this about ALL your works, you seem to focus a little too much on the little details before you even bother with the whole picture, what you need to do is work on the little things ABOUT the whole thing before you go off and do intricate details while neglecting to work on something a little more important like proportions, depth, shading, and placement.

Rodziewicz responds:

I don`t plan to do masterpieces, so I just do it for fun. Thanks for the critics though :D


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